The Darkness

Video has been a long time passion for me, but the more I do the more complex and involved it seems to get. Photography is somewhat simple in its RAW form, allowing us to focus more on our subject. But filming is a different beast, you need to make sure you camera settings are right as editing in post is not as easy or flexible as photography.

Then you need to know sound, which is another animal to tame, and they say "audio is 80% of the audience impact". If that is true then I am focusing on the wrong area. Not to mention lighting, scripting, editing etc etc etc. Explains a lot as to why filming is usually scripted and planned.

So its no wonder I wanted to take it back to this RAW form. Make it simple and impactful, allow the darkness to take hold of us and show case just the pure form of this beautiful Mazda MX5.

The use of negative space and single light, really allows you to focus on the subject, and not be distracted buy other parts of a scene. While this makes setup and filming easier, it also means that you have your ordinance attention at all times. So your technique must be flawless.

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