The Frustrations of New Zealand Travel Photography!

Well its 10:49pm and I should be in bed, but I have this overwhelming desire to tell you how frustrating New Zealand really is.... A country that has such a diverse landscapes, what is there not to love about New Zealand?

Well let me tell you!!!!

Road To Mt Cook

The first and most mediate thing you will notice once you drive out of Christchurch and head for the scenic inland route. Is the frustrating and perfectly straight hedges diving farm lands. I mean look at this photo its god dam perfect and this is not just a once off it is literally every where.

The Perfect Hedges

So your thinking cool that’s some mighty fine bush there, I had to grab a photo, I mean its just to good not to. About 30 minutes out of Christchurch you start to see the snow capped Mt Torlesse which was a little daunting at the time, as cloud covered the top and it almost looked like it went up forever. Staring at this mountain and not paying attention to the road is a bit dangerous and I recommend making another stop just to grab a photo!!

Mt Torlesse

Lake Tekapo was like some dream land. Turquoise water, snow capped mountains, pine forests lining the edge. Truly picturesque, not to mention the stunning little church of the good shepherd.

Lake Tekapo's Beautiful Water Edge

This was great and all. But, I have seen it all before, frustrated, I was lost. What can I do different? Fortunately some fog came over in the mourning and well gave me the pictures you see below. I love this sense of isolation and dramatic scenery even though as you can see, I was not alone.....

Mt Cook my favorite part of New Zealand. The road up to Mt Cook is spectacular I mean look at this Panorama, I could have just sat here all day looking at this view.

Panorama of The Road To Mt Cook

Jumped on The Helicopter Line and took a scenic ride up to view Mt Cook. Worth every cent, the flight was amazing, the pilot was very knowledgeable and the view was breath taking. Not to mention this was my first time seeing snow as well.

I was able to come back to Mt Cook on a cloudy day, and was probably the best choice I made. Bad weather is where I thrive when it comes to photos, it adds so much drama.

Stormy Mt Cook

I decided to stay the night in Mt Cook and wanted to do the Mueller Hut climb. I started at 5am as I wanted to be up to Sealy Tarns while the sun was coming up. Well I got up there and it was raining so could not see the sun. But I did get to see snow fall for the first time at 1600m above sea level.

Snow At Sealy Tarns

I stopped to have a break and eat some breakfast, and start to get really cold, I mean obviously it was cold, but I was really cold. So on account that there was possible avalanches going further on, and I was no were near experienced enough I made my way back down to my camper, only to discover when I got there that I was drenched!!!! Apparently water proof gear is not so water proof!!!

Close Up Of Snow On Mt Cook

Yeah yeah yeah, here is a picture of that bloody tree at Lake Wanaka, I must admit it is pretty nice. Though once I got my shots I made an effort to just sit and enjoy the view.

That Wanaka Tree

As there were just so many “tourist” coming and going just taking a photo and leaving. It's so frustrating, no one is stopping to just enjoy what’s around them.  So just STOP! Look around and appreciate what you see. 

That Wanaka Tree Tourists

Besides the beautiful tree. Lake Wanaka has a very Aspen feel to it, its where well off people come to holiday. But don’t let that deter you, I found this beautiful camp ground Lake Outlet Holiday Park just 5 minutes out of town with beautiful views and away from all the crowds I highly recommend the place. 

There is still so much more to tell, but will have to wait for the next post. New Zealand is an amazing country, full of amazing beauty. So much so that you don't know where to look half the time, and you constantly stopping to get a photo. Its frustrating because it is so over whelming. But if anything it is frustratingly good, which really is the best kind of good.

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